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She made a reputation as a fiery bebop pianist, and played in a quartet with saxophonist Charlie Mariano, whom she married.

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In the 1980s, already recognised as a major force in the big band world, she relocated to New York, and re-formed her band, which she continued to lead into the 21st century. His style, rather than drawing on Japanese folk or popular idiom, is internationalist inspired by Shostakovich and Prokofiev (NS)born in to a highly musical family, his father, Albert Alain, was also a composer and organist (some of Albert's works are published by Leduc along with those of Jehan's younger brother Olivier), he studied organ with Marcel Dupré and composition with Paul Dukas.

Her distinctive, percussive piano style is rooted in bebop, but her compositions have a broad stylistic range, and many of her pieces conjure up a feeling of Japanese delicacy and graceson of Ryûnosuke Akutagawa, a prominent Japanese novelist, Yasushi studied composition with K. He composed music for organ, piano and various chamber variationsto describe Petrus Alamire as a composer would be misleading, since there never was such a person, and it had been thought doubtful that he ever personally contributed a work to the ornate books that he prepared.

Alard compiled a collection of 56 pieces entitled Maitres clasiques du violon and wrote Ecole du violon: methode complete et progressive [Studies for the violin: A complete and progressive method] which include 24 caprices in all of the different keys.

Alard succeeded Baillot in the royal orchestra and as professor of music at the conservatory in Paris which position he held from 1843 to 1875.

After returning to the USA she led a trio, which grew to a quartet with the addition of tenorist and flautist Lew Tabackin, who became her second husband.

By this time she was writing material of great originality and flair, and in 1973, she and Tabackin founded a large orchestra on the West Coast that made her an international reputation as a brilliant big band composer and bandleader.

Taught at Eastman School of Music (1970s)pianist and songwriter.

Important bop pianist, modern execution not obscuring deep feeling for the blues.

At the time of his death he was singer and canon at St Gertrude in Augsburg. The first work which established him as a composer in the eyes of the concert public was his Concerto for 12 Soloists and Orchestra Polish composer and cellist who lived in live in Kraków from 2001 to 2004.

His music shows the influence of Lassus and of the contemporary Roman school. He studied with the composer, Professor Marek Stachowski.

Overlooked by critics for many years, partly because he walked out of jobs (e.g. Worked 1940s with Benny Carter, Stan Getz; his first recording session was with Georgie Auld's big band in 1945 (Honey, Stompin' At The Savoy), but records with Lester Young (1946) in LA revealed both in comping and solos that he was well ahead of the field.

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