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Enter if you dare but heed this, A/all are subject to Goreans Laws and Protocol in As you wander around in the swirling blue mists, you see a light ahead, a light leading to Phantasy Castle. Knocking on the Castle Gate and praying that someone answers. This castle is a privately owned sanctuary for all humans and creatures.

We are a couple and our model nickname at Chaturbate is Sexy_castle, we are 24 years old and one of us was born November 16th 1992.

By the time you meet people in real life you will know a little bit about them, this way there is no awkwardness on that ‘first date’.

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We advise that you should be cautious when meeting up for sex, always use protection!

If there was a shortcut to getting laid more often, it would probably be online; generally the hardest part in hooking up is actually finding someone that’s up for it.

Why not speak to them online first where it is more comfortable?

The sex scene of Newcastle is huge & increasingly more people are meetin online.

Using similar sites, couples can also perform on camera for the enjoyment of others.

The Board Room is also accessible, however the fire exit requires the use of steps.

Our site also works through mobile, if you are on the go, you can still find time in the day to speak to some new people in your local area.

Note each Room in the Fantasy Castle has a Notification Symbol : Indicates that the Room is only for Chatters 18 years and older and may contain Mature Pillow Talk Conversations.

) In Newcastle, singles are spoilt for choice on places to take the person they meet online.

There is no need to go out all the time to try and meet these people, what are the odds that you will hook up with someone you like every week or so?

We have security in place to ensure any encounters you have will be discreet and nobody will find out what you message.

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