Centralcoastdating com truth in advertising hits internet dating

Another woman was used as a drop ship location for scammers opening credit accounts to ship items to her for her to forward.I helped her get an attorney and clear things up with the FBI.

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We are also told that if you are serious about something you need to make certain investment or commitment. People should try what they think will work for them.

I have never paid for a dating site, and have met some wonderful people from the free sites.

There are lots of guys out there that prey upon women looking for love, AND the other way around.

They may do it in a passive way, just saying they cannot do something because they just had a streak of hard luck, or mention that their rent is due so they can’t afford something.

There were some rude comments and assumptions made by the men.

Many women got turned off of dating sites because of this, feeling they were all about sex.

These have not been proven, and I have heard many complaints about the quality of singles on some of these sites. Paid sites are sometimes the last resort for someone who is frustrated, perhaps bitter, or maybe even just curious but can afford the cost to play.

They may just join for a month or a quarter just to feel out the site and “hit up” every single they can and see who responds.

You can then try another site and see if that one is tied in with the first.

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