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ECTARC Training and Development Officers hold both early childhood and training qualifications, have worked in the early childhood sector and also undertake return-to-work placements to ensure they have current knowledge, skills and an understanding of what it is like to work on the floor in a service.

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If students submit qualifications and transcripts for credit transfer for consideration, the enrolment and distribution of learning materials This an entry level qualification for anyone wishing to commence a career in the early childhood sector for someone who has been working in the industry for a number of years who wishes to formally recognise their knowledge and skills.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations state that an educator at a centre-based service who is educating and caring for children preschool age or under are required to meet the relevant educator to child ratios for the service must have, or be actively working towards, at least an approved Certificate III level education and care qualification (Section 126 b).

CHCECE013 Use information about children to inform practice 12.

CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk 13.

Want a rewarding career becoming an important part of children’s development and learning?

With our accredited CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care you can gain the knowledge, skills and experience to be job-ready.Questions can also be emailed to your personal Training and Development Officer.Additional support is also offered to all students with online study sessions, pre-recorded study sessions, online student forum, unit snapshots, FAQs page, resources links page and an interactive online early childhood service that hosts sample policies, procedures, forms and much more. During the 10 days, the ECTARC Assessors review new enrolments to determine if students are eligible for credit transfer.This process must take place to determine which unit a student will be allocated to commence their studies.The full qualification must be completed within 2 years from date of enrolment and regular submission of assessment tasks is required.

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