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Wear the pants for three days, one girl advised as that really gives a good strong smell. I wore the same pair of pants for four days straight at Boomtown last year and I think that’s a smell that whilst entirely different, is as bad as the dodgiest vindaloo poo but then I’m not a panty pervert, so what do I know.

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Data from National Drug Strategy Household Surveys has found that only 3.7% of households with dependent children had at least one person who smoked inside the home in 2013, a decrease from 8% in 2007, and almost one-third in 1995.

There has also been a declinein the proportion of households where someone smoked only outside the home (from 29% in 2010 to 26% in 2013). Smoke-free building policies cut indoor exposure: study, in Reuters2014. Russo ET, Hulse TE, Adamkiewicz G, Levy DE, Bethune L, et al.

I browse through a few to see what I’m getting myself into.

They all reassure me that it’s all legal and my customers are not pervs, but regular blokes, which if I’m honest troubles me.

The market got saturated really quickly post-OITNB; now the only channels to sell underwear are these big corporate sites which charge you to use their services.

There’s no exploiting perverts anymore, now they run the show, asking for pictures and handwritten notes and more besides.

In an ideal world, I would set up my own site because like Piper uses the ‘prisoner panties’ as her Unique Selling Point, I reckon there’s tons of pervs who would get off sniffing student panties.

My original plan would have been to set up a site where students can create accounts to sell panties, and use the tag line ‘sniff the brightest minds of the future’.

by Eleni Mitzali Apart from our daily across-the-table gossip, a few times a month the entire babe team gathers in our meeting room to bitch about our lives.

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