Chartae latinae antiquiores online dating

, such as the online references and some details about physical descriptions.

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You have found the Online Catalog of Visigothic script manuscripts.

Before using it please read this post about why and how I am doing it.

Each one of the timeline entries corresponds to a reference about studying the script –with notes on its origin, evolution, regional variants, major publications, etc.– or with a codex or fragment preserved either in Visigothic script as a primary graphic system or in another script, mostly Caroline minuscule, but with relevant notes or glosses written in it.

The information included for each manuscript shows as follows: (click on the image to enlarge) Within Littera Visigothica’s timeline, at the top of the screen, you will see two arrows on each side as “next” and “previous” buttons to move between entries.

(3) If you want to download the database with the list of codices and fragments go to ‘Visigothic script mss.’. * I ‘officially’ want to say , images of the manuscripts, and/or links to their online digitized surrogates.

I really appreciate your interest, help and support. DEEDS Project: Database of English charters from ninth to thirteenth centuries, plus dating tools.digitales archiv marburg: Images of Marburg’s collection of royal and imperial diplomas.To partly solve this problem, the estimated century for each source has been also included within its file in green under the shelfmark.For each record selected, on the left hand side of the screen you will find a representative picture of it –as long as it has been digitized or I have been able to find a digital surrogate with open copyright.I am still working on uploading all the images available so please be patient.

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