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George had been part of the pilot for a number of months.

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Why should something so far away have any effect on our relatively new relationship? When I look back, I realize that the amount of times he asked me when we could have sex while we were together was unsettling and one time too many.

He knew I was intent on staying a virgin until I was married, a choice both religion based and personally based, but that didn’t seem to stop him from asking.

One teen ambassador, I’ll call him George, let it slip that he had stopped using them altogether.

I’m going to press pause here because George’s entire role—bullet point number one in his job description—is to act as a role model and advocate to his peers for the safe-sex behavior we’re promoting through the program. I’ll admit, my first reaction was frustration, not empathy.

And because of the last one, my first boyfriend broke up with me in the most immature way possible after only two and a half weeks. He wasn’t some cute guy in my Psych class or a skateboarder who bumped into me. Yeah I know, just reading that may make you think I was naïve for looking for a guy on hook-up central.

The only place where we clashed was in regards to our worldviews, I am a Christian and he was an Atheist.I was in Kenya a few months ago checking in on a new program that we’re piloting to reframe the conversation around contraception.During the first couple of days I met up with a group of teen ambassadors who are responsible for helping to spread awareness and spark interest in the program amongst their peers.But if nothing else, this evolved approach has allowed us to do something we weren’t positioned to do before—to be there when condoms threaten to kill erections.I have always been the kind of girl who sticks to her convictions. He even asked if a hook-up was all I was looking for, I said no and he was on the same page as me.At we’ve shifted from a shorter project-based model where engagements might run for a handful of months, to a program model where we’re working with our partners over a much longer period, sometimes even years.

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