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Rus is mentioned for the first time by European chroniclers in 839 The Kyivan state experienced a cultural and commercial flourishing from the ninth to the eleventh centuries under the rulers Volodymyr I (Saint Volodymyr), his son Yaroslav I the Wise, and Volodymyr Monomakh.

The first of these rulers Christianized Rus in 988 The other two gave it a legal code.

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The national flag colors are commonly believed to represent blue skies above yellow wheat fields.

Heraldically, they derive from the Azure, the lion rampant or coat of arms of the Galician Volynian Prince Lev I.

The 1863 patriotic song "Ukraine Has Not Perished," composed by Myxaylo Verbyts'kyi from a poem of Pavlo Chubyns'kyi, became the Ukrainian national anthem in 1917 and was reaffirmed in 1991.

These symbols were prohibited as subversive under the Soviets, but secretly were cherished by all Ukrainian patriots.

Formerly repressed, Ukrainian and other ethnic languages in Ukraine flourished at the end of the twentieth century.

Ukrainian language use grew between 19, as evidenced by the increase of Ukrainian schools in multiethnic oblasts.

The surzhyk, an unstable and variable mixture of Ukrainian and Russian languages, is a by-product of Soviet Russification.

A similar phenomenon based on Ukrainian and Polish languages existed in western Ukraine but disappeared almost completely after World War II.

Mother Ukraine became a byword, not unlike Uncle Sam, but much more emotionally charged.

After 1991 a new generation of Ukrainian writers began to free this image from its victimization aspects. Ukrainian nationhood begins with the Kyivan Rus realm, which arose from a unification of Antian tribes between the sixth and ninth centuries.

In medieval Europe cultural boundary codes were based on a native ground demarcation.

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