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Young lieutenant arrives in self-propelled guns unit as commander of self-propelled gun in summer of 1943. Command of partisan detachment decided to check his in combat conditions. Zhenya, Zhenechka i 'Katyusha' (1967) (Only names so it is nothing to translate) - This movie was not shown in USSR before Gorbatchev's Perestroyka. Romantic intelligent 18-year boy Zhenya from Moscow serve in Katysha unit. It was about 10 years ago now so I can't remember much. It also includes documentaries on the Red Army, etc, produced by the Soviet government in the years just before the beginning of WWII, as well as some produced during the war.

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Here are movies with English Audio or subtittles You will get it for some days after giving money.

Torpedonostsy (1983) ("Torpedo-bombers") Letjat zhuravli (1957) ("Cranes are flying") Zhenya, Zhenechka i 'Katyusha' (1967) Ballada o soldate (1959) ("Ballade about soldier") A zori zdes tikhiye (1972) ("Lovages are quite here") Additional movie: Father of soldier In 1941 old Georgian arrived in infantry unit for meeting with son. Originally posted by Janos Thanks for the list, Andrey!

Song from this movie is unofficial hymn of Soviet/Russian tankmen. "Batalyony prosyat ognya" (1985) (mini) ("Battalions asked for artillery cover")- It is one of best military movies. It is really cruel movie, in time of USSR this movie was forbidden in DDR, which was considered puppet of USSR in all questions. "Osvobozhdeniye" (1970) (mini) ("Liberation") - It is many part movie with same heroes, time of action - from Kursk battle to Berlin operation. A zori zdes tikhiye (1972) ("Lovages are quite here") - This movie almost got "Oscar" - It is about small group of women which were flak crews in Soviet rear. Part 1") - It is movie about fighter-pilots in time of blockade of Leningrad. Torpedonostsy (1983) ("Torpedo-bombers") - It is movie about one week of life of pilots of torpedo-bombers of Northern Fleet. Otryad (1984) ("Detachment") - Group of Soviet soldiers worked separately from their unit when war began. Dobrovoltsy (1958) ("Volunteers") - It is very good romantic movie about 3 friends and their friendship for many years. They have a separate section entitled "Russian films with English subtitles" that is useful for those who don't speak Russian, and you can search at this location for "war films".

There are some propaganda stamps but it is really epic movie. Ofitsery (1971) ("Officers") - Story of some generations of Soviet officers from Civil War to 70th. They had to fight against superior group of German paratroopers-saboteurs. Blokada: Luzhskij rubezh, Pulkovskij meredian (1974) ("Blockade: Luga line, Pulkov meridian") - Part 1 of large movie about defense of Leningrad. Blokada: Leningradskij metronom, Operatsiya Iskra (1977) ("Blockade: Leningrad metronome, Operation "Spark") - Part 2 of large movie about defense of Leningrad. "Semnadtsat mgnovenij vesny" (1973) (mini) ("17 moments of spring") - Classics of Soviet movies. Soviet spy Isaev (he is known as Standartenfuhrer SS Shtirlitz, large scale member of SS security service in Berlin) got order to know about possible separate negotiations between unknown German leader and representatives of US intelligence... Ballada o soldate (1959) ("Ballade about soldier") - This movie got Oscar in USA - It is about soldier, which got some day leave in summer of 1942 for coming home. Zvezda (2002) ("Star") - It is very sad story about group of soviet army scouts in rear of German troops. V boj idut odni stariki (1973) ("Only veterans come in battle") - It is movie about pilots of fighters in summer of 1944. Suddenly they understood that they are in German rear. Group of former schoolboys decided to fight with Germans. Well, some of these films would be useful for some university Russian language vidoetechs I suppose. Are there now or were there any Soviet TV series on the lines of "Band of Brothers? I noticed several of the ones Andrey listed are available at this site.

I want to repeat that I wrote only about best movies. Oni srazhalis za rodinu (1975) ("They fought for the Motherland") - One of best Soviet military movies, very many best Soviet famous actors played in this movie. Their regiment lost most part of men, they fought and retreat very long time but they do not run, they retreat in order and continue to fight when command order to defend positions. It is about events of 1941, it is based on famous novel of Simonov. Goryachij sneg (1972) ("Burning snow") - It is one of best military movies. Sudba cheloveka (1959) ("The fate of the man") - It is very good story about fate of one Soviet soldier. Mir vkhodyashchemu (1961) ("Peace for incoming one") - It is very good movie. Letjat zhuravli (1957) ("Cranes are flying") - This movie got "Oscar" in USA.

It is company scale story about feat of soldiers of 2nd Guard Army in December of 1942, which stopped tanks of German general Got which tried to breakthrough to Stalingrad for saving of encircled German troops. Na vojne, kak na vojne (1968) ("At war is at war") - One of best military movies. Obyknovennyj fashizm (1965) ("Usual fascism") - It is very good documentary film about fascism ("Nazism" in West) and it's crimes. Soviet truck is moving through Germany in last days of war. Young man is coming at war, his girl is waiting his... Khronika pikiruyushchego bombardirovshchika (1967) ("Chronicle of diving bomber") - This movie is about some days of life of crew of Soviet Pe-2 bomber. Bessmertnyj garnizon (1956) ("Unfading garrison") - It is about feat of garrison of Brest Fortress (It was Soviet/Russian "Alamo") which was encircled in first day of war but fought for month without of hope and didn't surrender. Normandie - Nimen (1960) ("Normandy- Neman") - This movie describes actions of very famous in USSR French fighter squadron (later-regiment) "Normandy" which fought in Eastern front under Soviet command. Proverka na dorogakh (1971) ("Checking in roads") - This movie was not shown in USSR before Gorbatchev's Perestroyka. Suddenly Soviet soldier, who was POW and joined to pro-German Vlasov's troops for surviving, came to partisans and said that he wants to fight against Germans. Soldiers of Red Army had order to not surrender but this soldier even is suited in enemy uniform. Here are a couple of sources for those who want to get copies of some of the movies Andrey lists. This has a number of the films Andrey mentioned, including Come and See and The Cranes Are Flying (I got my copies of these from this company).

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