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I will briefly talk about those aspects of Muslim marriage that a Christian woman should know about before entering into Marriage with a Muslim man.Marriage in Islam is the official registration of agreement of mutual exchange, in which the husband is obligated to provide the wife with a dowry and financial support in exchange for the right to enjoy marital relations, which are forbidden outside of marriage.There is no talk of a religious agreement as it is understood in Judaism or the Christian sacrament.

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Naturally, such marriages, which are forbidden by Church canons from ancient times (canon No.

14, Fourth Ecumenical Council), is still not recognized today by the Church of Cyprus (article 220b of the by-laws).

The spouse is not obligated to give any explanation to the wife about this, and she must leave the home within three months after the “estrangement”.

The husband may inform his wife of her “estrangement” orally, in writing, or even through intermediaries.

Mixed marriages between Christians and non-Christians began to be permitted on Cyprus after the sanctioning of marriages registered by government agencies, for which, as opposed to church marriages, differences in religion do not serve as an obstacle.

Mixed marriages are registered based upon a special document called the Matrimonial Causes Act, accepted in 1950.

The majority of these women who enter into marriage with Muslims are completely uninformed about the particulars of Islamic traditions and customs of family life.

It all often ends with the husbands demanding that their wives accept Islam, or what’s more, that they move to the husbands’ historical homeland.

Its followers lean toward acceptance of Islam and following Muslim laws.

In those same Muslim countries where Islamic laws are not written into the civil codex, they are nevertheless alive in the hearts of Muslims, and in their traditions and customs of everyday life.

Mixed marriages are only accepted, according to Church canons, after the Muslim has been baptized Orthodox.

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