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It wasn’t something that had ever come up before, but now it felt like a very real possibility.Our conclusion, as I fretted over which bikinis to take and the prospect of driving on the right-hand side for the first time, was that we’d cross that bridge when, and if, we came to it. That we’d tell each other the instant it even felt like a possibility.Of course, the big question was: what if one of us met someone else?

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It can also be so easy to begin living as a unit, rather than two individuals, and this is when boredom and petty resentments can creep in.

When all is done ‘as a couple’, you can forget what you found so attractive about your partner in the first place.

The catalyst came in the form of a job offer — to spend eight months in Ibiza editing a magazine. We were aware this could be make or break for our relationship. Ibiza in 2008 wasn’t known for quiet nights in with a crossword, and I could see Simon’s mind concocting all sorts of scenarios as to what I’d be getting up to.

There was, I knew, no way Simon could take the time off to come with me. But it also felt like the shake-up our marriage needed.

But when I met Simon at a photoshoot for the magazine where I worked, I felt a shift somewhere deep in my soul.

On subsequent dates, being around him felt like coming home. We moved in with each other six months later, and six months after that we were engaged.I also believe that always prioritising the needs of a partner at the expense of personal fulfilment can lead to the resentment that is kryptonite to a long-term relationship.In the event, I had a few flirtations over the summer. But if anything, every cheesy chat-up line or lustful glance across a dancefloor reminded me how special my connection with Simon was.At a point when we should have been pulling together, we were too wrapped up in our own problems to fully support each other. I loved Simon with every cell of my being, but was I still in love with him?I missed the intoxicating feeling of our earlier years together.Having ‘settled down’ so young, was I missing out on something better?

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