Christian dating site scams international rules and guidelines for dating sites

The sites provided below are popular dating sites and are very successful sites .Millions of singles has actually succeeded in using these sites as can be seen from the many testimonials from previous members published on their websites .

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Then they can cash in the card after calling the issuer’s toll-free number to learn when it was activated and for what amount. In another ruse, bogus apps available in Apple and Android app stores mimic well-known retailers and products — from Dollar Tree and Foot Locker to luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo and Christian Dior.

Some contain malware that can steal personal information or trigger ransomware to hijack mobile devices until a ransom is paid, notes the New York Times.

And before donating, verify an organization's legitimacy at Charity Navigator or, or through your state's agency that regulates charities.

To prevent con artists from ripping you off when buying a gift card, get the card from the retailer’s website or from the store issuing it.

All these dating sites has been selected due to their popularity and their high succcess rate .

More than 80 percent of singles worldwide are using online dating as a method of finding their perfect partners .

The cards sold on display racks at grocery stores and pharmacies may have been tampered with.

Thieves can open the packaging, copy the numbers, scratch off the strip for the security code and replace the card.

Before clicking, carefully read the website address and look for missing or extra letters of a retailer’s name and words like “deals,” “sales” or “discounts” as part of the URL.

Discounts that seem too steep also may point to a scam. And be on the alert for sites that lack a return policy or whose purchase pages start with “ From i Phones to cruises, the holidays are the time for emails, text messages and social media posts that promise free merchandise.

Other red flags include poor or few customer reviews, newly launched apps, or links to apps from other retailers.

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