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There was even a queue lining up for a vip show.:eek: I been serching for days for both Erika and Danielle (Nicole) Nude avail.

:rolleyes: actually i did get a show for myself b4 yes it is expensive but what i saw in the 10 min show she did for me was actually worth it, nothing on the net atm is comparable.

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because i haven't found absolutely anything at all on her.

and all the galleries posted on this thread are old. Search String=boobs&Search Type=Tags Only klick and enjoy..neeeeed naaaaaammeeeeeeesss!!!!!

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Thanks You've been here long enough to know that I rpobably searched and long enough to search for yourself and see there's no results; and I have searched for her, could only find these 3 galleries and a few previews. Those per-minute prices are 3 times as much or even more than practically all other webcam girl sites out there. She does dress up for her streams and gets a considerable amount of viewers for her clothing alone (mostly nerdy kids who've never seen a girl in real life). :rolleyes: Who actually pays for shows on that website? If anybody is still tracking this thread, Nicole is now streaming the game League of Legends at Okay nvm, that was Love Gisele lol (I still think they look alike). Found the shower vid here an FYI if anyone is looking for old Coley/Nicole stuff, I found a bunch of old stuff on our servers that hasn't been on the site in quite some time that I'm re-uploading to our CWH members area. Can anyone post a solid link for Danielles nude videos? I been serching for days for both Erika and Danielle (Nicole) Nude avail. If anyone knows where I could find them on the members section of the site let me know.. Alot of them get posted on dailymotion but they get deleted fast. I know she did topless shows on camwithher, I have a membership but I dont think the videos are on there anymore. We have the equipment, guides, and lodging to accommodate all of your adventure needs.

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