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That was fine with Susan – she wanted some "us-time" alone with Kelly, because she planned to question the girl, gently but thoroughly. Her breasts were medium-to-small, and she had a nicely rounded ass that fit with the soft flesh on the rest of her medium size frame. Laura wasn't offering anything blatantly corrupt like an "A" grade for "D" work. She just had a deeply ingrained reluctance to give up any of her privacy, and what she had told the girl gave her enough context that she could make up her own mind whether Susan's yielding to Laura's desire for oral sex had any relevance to her own situation. What Susan described was not all that unusual – "practice kissing," things getting a little out of control - and wasn't necessarily indicative a predominantly lesbian sexuality. "My girlfriend and I – when I say it 'went beyond practice kissing,' you should know it went ALL THE WAY beyond, and that I LOVED it, and it wasn't just one time. You know, the idea that everyone is 100 percent one way or 100 percent the other is mostly not true. Susan had told her exactly what she wanted to hear, and it was nothing but the truth.She smiled sweetly at her classmate, and joined her on the couch. Kelly had lots of freckles to go with her reddish hair, and was very "cute," rather than beautiful. Instead, she offered services "above and beyond" what the teaching assistants were required to provide. " This triggered a spate of not-very-detailed comparing of notes, which ramped Susan's excitement up a couple more notches. Lots of young girls "experimented" in a similar way, and most go on to live normal heterosexual lives. We, uh, we did it a lot." This "more than once – a lot" part was a little less typical for teen girls, and WAS suggestive of a more profound sexual identity issue. I think you know now that I'm a lot more comfortable with this girl-girl thing than you are . ." "Understatement of the century," that cynical voice in Susan's head spoke again, and she shushed it. Most people have at least a little curiosity, and if they were honest with themselves and society was a lot more open, probably a lot more people would 'experiment' a little bit, but they still they wouldn't be – that way. Plus, she believed that Susan would and could help her with school if Laura would not. And that's why I came here tonight." Kelly was nodding her head, now, and feeling much more sure of herself.One of these pairs was Laura and a thin, waifish blonde, taller than Susan but still tiny compared to the massive grad student, and with a boyish figure.

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This second pair was also dancing in a lascivious manner, and looked like they knew exactly what was planned for this evening and why they were here.

Both girls had wrapped her arms around the other, and were grinding their breasts and crotches together in time to the music.

The other girl was little shorter, a little less curvy, had B-cup rather than C-cup breasts, and had shoulder-length blonde hair.

Susan vaguely recognized the two girls, and the waif in Laura's arms, as fellow undergrads she had seen around campus.

But she shared no classes with them, and did not know their names.

She thought they were a little older than herself, probably juniors.

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They prefer sex experiments and like sex fun in all the wrong places.

Personality-wise, she was the timid, retiring type that most appealed to Susan. Essentially, this meant time-consuming one-on-one tutoring - in Laura's apartment. "Susan," Kelly picked up her tale of woe again, "I know Laura wanted me to do the same, but I couldn't. But Susan decided that to be fair to Kelly, she better reveal yet more. That more freighted interpretation fully applied to Susan's "practice kissing" with Becky four years earlier, which had been a part of a concerted campaign of seduction by Susan Smith, committed lesbian. "Even so, and even though I was also pretty sure myself of what this was about, I wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to come." The cynical internal voice threatened to tell Susan, "Yeah, for about two seconds, not sure," but she trampled it under. Well listen, if you want to stay, and I mean want to because you want to, because you're curious, or you liked Laura's kissing, or – you're horny – I'll help you out, and watch out for you, and make sure nobody tries to make you do anything you don't want to. Having that potentially coercive quid-pro-quo taken off the table clarified matters tremendously for the girl. "You know – I had the best orgasm of my life with Laura two weeks ago. She knew she was a horny chick, and she couldn't deny that sex with Laura had been fantastic.

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