Computer shut off while updating iphone

i Phone users occasionally run into a strange error – the 9, 4005, 4014 / 4013 – that prevents you from upgrading to latest i OS version via i Tunes.

Barring OTA updates, any update that is done through i Tunes runs the risk of several errors and one of them, the 4013/4014, is our concern here.

Obviously if the Cellular Data button is grayed out you’re not going to be able to do this, and if that’s the case, or if you tried this and mobile data is still failing in i OS 9, then continue on.

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This can often resolve cellular data failures and it’s pretty simple: When the device boots back up, try to use an app with cellular data again.

It should be working at this point, but if not, read on.

As such, – Repair is advisable because it's an application rolled out by Wondershare technology, a reliable company that has even received critical acclaim from Forbes magazine. Connect your i Phone to Mac and click on “Start.” Step #3. After it's done, you can restart the i Phone and use it normally.

Most importantly, you can use it to fix the error 4013 without losing your data! In the next window, you'll find all your i Phone's details including the model, version, etc. In the next window, select your i Phone model and allow to select the latest firmware for download. After the firmware has been downloaded, click on “Fix Now” so that can start repairing your i Phone. This simple 5 pronged process will ensure that your i Phone isn't just fixed from the i Tunes error 4013 problem, but it's also upgraded properly. If all the tricks mentioned above don't help you in fixing the error, then you must contact Apple.

If you’re on i OS 9, that means updating to i OS 9.0.1.

A bit more risky, but you can also sign up to participate in the public beta program and jump to beta versions of i OS.Put simply, the error is hardware related, but like all things digital, you don't really get to fix this one without your share of head-banging.There are a variety of solutions that worked for various people.If not, continue on with the troubleshooting steps below.I know this sounds obnoxious, but double-check your general Cellular Data settings in i OS before anything else.The tech giant will take care of the issue and offer the better solution to it.

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