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"If a computer spreads its attention equally, it's not going to the interesting parts, where cracks are forming." Once Grinspun and his colleagues established this new approach, which they call discrete differential geometry, the queries from physicists, engineers and animators started arriving.Disney and Weta Digital use his theorems to make fabrics and hair move more convincingly.

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She was previously a competitive gymnast and dancer.

Her reality television fame led to a strong Instagram presence of more than 750,000 followers. She has appeared on Logan Paul's You Tube channel in videos such as "THIS SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE!

Grinspun's method works by concentrating on the places where most of the movement will occur—in the case of the Coke can, the areas where it folds as it crumples.

"There are a lot of flat regions where not much is happening," he says.

Differential geometry can describe how the curves and surfaces of a given object will bend and crease.

The problem, Grinspun says, is "that differential geometry is built for smooth surfaces with infinite detail." Computers can process only a finite amount of detail.

All of the victims had their livers torn out of their bodies.

More importantly, the elongated fingerprint is an exact match, despite the long interval in between events.

Physicists at MIT have created origami out of small sheets of plastic and water drops.

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