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removing Christian symbols from public places); facilitating the displacement of native populations via mass migration into Western societies; dual loyalty because of Jewish sympathies with foreign Jews, especially Israel since 1948; and the history of Jews as a hostile elite in the USSR during the period when it became the most murderous regime in European history.

Hence, the psychological response of “guilt,” specifically, “white guilt,” comes into play.

“Political correctness,” which now determines behavioral innocence or guilt, has been infixed into America’s collective consciousness by the powerful Jewish forces in the academic and media worlds.

Their presence at elite universities and their access to prestigious publication venues, is an important basis of their influence.

I am simply expressing, and with as much vigour, my own interests and those of numerous others.

Currently, even though Obama has pressed Israel to put a freeze on settlement expansion, the Jewish lobby has won out as agents for the Israeli government’s expansion in the occupied areas.

Thus, I am actively engaged in an attempt to alter the intellectual and political climate in this country so that these sorts of things do not continue.

The LA Jewish Journal jumped on the ’stir’ in their cover story, “The Professor Anti Semites Love,” which highlighted the SPLC’s accusations against me.

It has calmed down a bit, though there are still some faculty members who do everything they can to make life unpleasant for me.

As far as Edfu (Appollinopolis Magna) the valley is rather narrow, rarely as much as two or three miles wide. Besides a few short notices, the epitome contains nothing but names and figures showing the duration of each reign and dynasty. We cannot enter here upon even a cursory analysis, much less a discussion, of the various systems of Egyptian chronology. Evidently, in some cases the lack of information on some periods, which must have been very momentous ones in the political life of Egypt, should be attributed to the disappearance of monuments of an historical character, or to the fact that such monuments have not yet been discovered; it is very likely, however, that in many cases no historical evidence was ever handed down to posterity.

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