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I never learned why or if they were specifically targeted.

By the time Muhammad died in 632, Islam had spread through the whole Arabian Peninsula.

The new Muslim world enjoyed 20 years of internal unity until Muhammad died, and then that was the end of that, forever.

When I asked him if he thought he’d return to Mosul at some point, he shook his head and said, “ Mosul.” As soon as he learned that I was going to be writing about my time in Iraq, he led me out of the tent to join him on a special Oh Okay Then I Want to Show You Exactly How Upsetting Everything Here Is So You Can Write About It and Tell Everyone Tour.

He walked me past the communal tap for drinking water, and said people used that water to clean themselves too, having not seen a shower since they arrived.

After a few minutes, I met a man named Kamil who spoke some English, and he invited me into his family’s tent.

After talking with him a bit, I learned that it was actually a few families’ tent, and that there were 12 people living in it—five adults and seven children.

And these were all people who two months earlier were living their normal lives in their normal homes. He brought me into another tent where he introduced me to a woman living there, explaining to her that I was his new writer friend.

Without missing a beat, she handed me these: Whatever I was holding, it was something bad, and I didn’t want to ask what it was. He pointed across the tent to a little boy and explained that I was holding part of his . Their family’s house had been bombed in the middle of the night during the first days of the ISIS takeover and subsequent Iraqi government airstrikes.

Three years after the first visit from Gabriel, in 613, Muhammad began preaching the messages to the public, in his hometown of Mecca. At the time, Mecca was largely made up of polytheistic tribes who worshipped nature-related gods and goddesses, and one of Muhammad’s main messages was that there was one god and any idols to other gods should be destroyed, which was awkward for everybody.

People started reacting violently to Muhammad’s growing influence, killing some of his followers, and they may have killed Muhammad too had he not belonged to a fancy family.

But in 622, when Muhammad learned of an assassination plot against him, he and his followers decided to bail on Mecca and head to the nearby city of Medina.

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