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Providing assistance in the formation of local support groups throughout Missouri. Informing members of the national and state laws and keeping them up-to-date on proposed changes to these laws. Implementing strategies or activities necessary to protect the future freedoms of home educators in Missouri and in our nation. Promoting the advantages of home education over alternative forms of education outside the home. Helping to promote sound, high-quality home education programs for home educators for the purpose of developing Christ-like character, which will satisfy the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional growth needs of their children. Reviewing and disseminating home education materials and information considered vital to home educators. Monthly meetings, new homeschoolorientations, cooperatives, field trips, workshops and more are offered year round.

Contact: Tressa Website: [email protected]: We have a variety of activities along with monthly support meetings. Requirements: CHESSHomeschool groups only requirements of joining are as follows.

We also offer field trips, science and art fairs, yearbook class, orchestra, sign language, drama, and many more extracurricular activities.

The activities include (but not limited to) roller skating, field trips, P. You need to be a Christian and must be homeschooling your children/grandchildren Benefits: We send out newsletters via email of upcoming events, curriculum for sale and wanted.

We also have a website that includes events, field trips, classifieds, extracurricular activities etc.

A project fair, spelling bee and graduation ceremony are also planned.

Cost: $25 yearly Contact: Tamera Staggs Email: [email protected]:

We strive to dive into interesting places where hands-on learning is encouraged and critical thinking is sparked!

Your suggestions are the backbone of FIELD TRIPS!!! Benefits: Teaching resources available for your use at FIELD TRIPS!!!

We try to be flexible knowing that we are all home schooling and want to do what's best for each individual child/family.

We are a Christian Coop, but do not teach any religious or theological theories; we have a variety of denominations and feel that is best left to each parent.

Established in 2001, approximately 300 trips have been arranged serving about 450 families. We provide service and support to you, the home educator through pooling together our resources and the businesscommunity.

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