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"Alright mom, its all set for you, will you be needing anything else?" As she started to strip down she replied, "Well honey, if its not too much to ask, can you give me a massage?Let me start off my introducing myself, I am 5'8, C cup, dark hair, and not to be cocky, but I do get a lot of attention from other boys on my ass. My mother is a single mother, D cup, amazing ass, and dark hair like mine.

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" My mom yelled out of frustration as she stormed through the door and threw her purse on the coutch. I show up fifteen minutes late ONE day and I get fired! " To tell you the truth I have never seen my mom like this and I was a bit frightened.

"Maybe you just need to lay down and relax, tell you what, I'll fix you up a bath so you can take your mind off this." "Thank you honey, I would really like that." So I went to the bathroom and fixed up a bath for my mom and she walked in.

I am really stressed out about all this, maybe you can help me relax".

To be honest, I couldnt help to look at my moms body as she stripped down, I have always thought she had a gorgeous body.I was getting a little turned on looking at my mom nude in the bath tub, and I decided to maybe rub her lower than where my hands were.I worked my way just above her breasts and I was gently moving my hands around her breasts.I kept on rubbing her back and I noticed she started falling asleep."mmmm yea honey, keep on going, right there..........." She finally fell asleep, but I kept on rubbing her anyways, just to relax her body.but preferred the dick of her passionate boyfriend.

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