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“When I first asked her about this, she initially put it down to ‘just fooling around on the wires.’” “It’s just a hobby,” she said.

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“She began regaling me with descriptions of her expanding lingerie collection. In short, she was becoming her online personality.” Surfing was the new cruising, and it could change lives.

In “health” class, the point of our endless discussions was to scare us off of sex for at least a few years.

Unlike online, the 'free association' of psychoanalytic therapy is to make interpretations weighed against a body of evidence over a prevailing length of time.

Also, in an analytic setting, the analyst observes passively aware, whereas online we are still 'reacting' to the inducements provided by other people and circumstances. To ascribe to a particular behavior that such and such a person is 'narcissistic' or 'sociopathic' is not an interpretation: it is a judgment.

The authors did not differentiate between that which constitutes 'personality' and that which would constitute 'character', and lay their emphasis on the observation of one's personality as a yardstick of cyber discernment.

It would be unwise to confer upon another a 'label' based upon certain behaviors.

Again, each book is authored to address a certain target group, and I repeat, that for the novice or the uninitiated, this is an excellent place to start.

For the more experienced, I would recommend "Cyber Bed's Don't Squeak", which delves into the psychodynamic peculiarities and offers suggestions on how to recognize and reconcile these conflicting and confusing phenomena.

She ceased to be “a rather mousy person — the type who favored gray clothing of a conservative cut …

She became (through the dint of her blazing typing speed) the kind of person that could keep a dozen or more online sessions of hot chat going at a time.” The effects carried over into real life.

I cannot have been the only child of the Clinton era to have stumbled on the porn site doing social-studies homework.

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