Daily devotional books for dating couples

Please use them in teaching Sunday school for children, teenagers, and adults.2 Timothy Burning Bridges Bottom Feeders or Trophy Catch?They recognize the absolutely necessity of coming before God as a couple–united before God as a team.

They often don’t realize the power and grace of simply sitting down together, regularly, holding hands, and praying from their hearts about the issues of life.

They will pray by themselves, they will occasionally say traditional prayers.

When trouble comes they immediately come together to pray. Together, united in prayer before God, they know they can face anything.

Here’s the basic format of Joe and Shelly’s morning prayer time. They keep it short, getting to the point, taking turns back and forth as a team, until it feels complete.

One of the best tools for learning a subject is a puzzle.

These wordsearch and crossword puzzles will help teach biblical facts.And Joe knows better how to pray for Shelly when she expresses her heart felt concerns to him.As they humble themselves, and are honest with each other before God, something deep and powerful happens. They know that if pride holds them back, prayer becomes shallow and ineffective.They get up thirty minutes early to spend time together. Then they read from a devotional that includes daily readings for the Church, with a reflection related to the readings. They start with the Our Father, then Joe prays for family members and friends by name and then adds current heart issues. Because the Holy Spirit is guiding the prayer, they will know when they are finished.God helps them to remain humble, without judgment, sensitive to each other.Learn all about Christianity at with rich, theological articles, video, and audio focused on the life of Jesus Christ, Bible Study, the Christian church, and Christian living for families.

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