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Both the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio are more like PCs than ever with bumped up specs and letting users tweak their graphics settings. This isn't just a one off spend either, it's incremental.

Perhaps you want to install an Nvidia GTX Titan Xp to game in true 4K.

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Just as a boss appears, or even before the game begins, a critical error will inevitably pop up across the menu screen.

Whatever it is, Device Manager will be a reluctant friend for a few hours.

So count to 10 slowly and delve into the top things we love to loathe as PC gamers. Welcome to Tech Radar's 3rd annual PC Gaming Week, celebrating the almighty gaming PC with in-depth interviews, previews, reviews and features all about one of the Tech Radar team’s favorite pastimes. Check out our constantly updated hub article for all of the coverage in one place.

Rage Factor: 2/10The feud between PC and console gamers is pretty much prehistoric, dating back to when Turok himself was still battling dinosaurs.

Whether it's attaching the cables to the motherboard correctly, getting freaked out by how much thermal paste to apply to the processor or merely losing an important screw, PC building can take a few years off your life with stress.

And don't talk to us about buying pre-built rigs - what do you think we are, rich?

To top it all off there's the infinitely customizable element of the platform. Letting off steam while playing games on Steam is essential to keeping your body temperature down - even if your GPU temps are flaring up.

You won't win online if you sit there quivering with rage no matter what 'smooth gliding' setting your 20 million DPI optical mouse sensor is set to.

Whether they're participating in e Sports or clan warfare, PC gamers are mostly a skilled bunch that don't take kindly to these newcomers in games.

Certain malicious (or bored, one of the two) PC players enjoy nothing more than trolling with NOOBs.

Rage Factor 3/10If there's one thing PCs lack it's interaction between several people in the same room.

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