Dating a friend good or bad

An attractive person can be just as bad in bed as someone who’s equally unattractive.You don’t get to be a master in the sexual arts just by looking like it.[Read: 11 ways to know you’re dating a real gentleman] #4 He walks confidently and naturally.

Knowing if a guy is good in bed can be very tricky.

They don’t have “A-grade Lover” stamped anywhere on their butts, so you will have to rely on instinct and a little bit of information.

They know how to do things the right way, because it is the smart way.

Their scientific attitudes are usually reflected in their bedroom prowess as well. A man can be confident, because he knows that he can deliver. They also have a good sense of body position, so they probably know where to put things and how to move it once it’s there. Kissing is an instinctual act that needs no direct instruction or direction.

This means that he has little to no doubt in his abilities as a man in his career, social circle and love life. Some men base their decisions on instinct alone and the way they assess other people’s feelings.

This type of mindset is very useful in the bedroom, because they pay attention to what’s going on with their bodies as well as their partner’s. Intelligent men know what they are doing, because they apply everything they learned in life to any given situation.

There are even those who would bet on average-looking guys, because they look like they’re willing to work to enhance their skills in bed.

This type of pre-judging paves the way for a boatload of disappointment when you and your date finally get each other’s clothes off.

These types of guys adhere to the adage, “Ladies first.” He won’t allow himself to finish knowing that a girl hasn’t achieved an orgasm yet.

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