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Tell us, too, when we've been a good father, a caring son or a helpful husband. We Are Brutally Honest Because We Care We know that, at times, tact can be the only four-letter word that doesn't describe us, but women need to rethink their reactions to male candor.

Men lie and obfuscate with people they have no interest in.

They make men nervous that the pursuit of happiness will become the path of missed opportunity.

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Dating an easy going guy

And that's bad for both of you since more of those guys turn your illusion into our delusion.4.

Love Means Never Having to Be Attached at the Hip We acknowledge the importance of couple time.

We May Lose Small Battles, but Always Remember the Wars We've Won How important is putting the toilet seat down if the yard is mowed each week?

Does it matter that an item was forgotten at the store when he checked off the rest?

We want to tell you why your mother bothers us and how you can solve the problem with your high-maintenance friend.

In a relationship, honesty is a young man's mistake because the longer a man feels punished for it, the more he begins to censor himself. You Should Appreciate Our Reliability Similar to honesty, a good man demonstrates his commitment to you by showing up.

Right or wrong, men are raised to believe that a successful life hinges on self-fulfillment.

Relationships, at first glance, seem to impinge on that.

Here's the standard line on men: We're simple, straightforward, limited—and usually perfectly happy to leave it there. Unfortunately, that performance is more designed to conceal than reveal us.

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