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Clear photographs of the complete numbers and plates are required or if this is not possible rubbings may be taken, but these too must be readable.If this is not provided then we will either issue a certificate explaining this or in certain cases refuse the application. Contact Jules for more information - phone call preferred 410-937-3766 or email [email protected]

Mostly, we would like the bike to be bought by someone who really appreciates what they are getting. 1951 Ariel square four 2 pipe all original but mufflers and taillight. Contact Jack Boileau 206-419-5889 or [email protected] 1952 KH Fieldmaster 500 Twin. Frame was powder coated and new Dragonfly wiring harness installed. New SS spokes installed on the rear with new Dunlop tire. The Bad: Some traditional british oil drips and some scuff marks on the rear fender (due to me not being able to get my leg over cleanly). California license plate included - black with yellow digits. The following is the ad placed by the previous seller.

My father bought the bike in 1998 and had it shipped from Ohio to Encinitas, CA where it is today. Custom 1957 Square Four Mk II Less than 10hr on rebuilt motor. Morgo oil pump, 0.010" over pistons, Mukini 23mm carb. Custom rigid frame with 1946 Stock wide Springer frontend. This has A clear title kicks over great with great compression. Engine: Complete rebuild by Chuck Walton including: Modified valve guides, connecting rods sized and aligned with new Honda bolts, crankshaft ground, new rod bearings, new main crankshaft bushes, .020 over pistons with new .020 rings Otto head gaskets, Morgo rotary oil pump, steel sump plate, primary cases modified by Homer Knapp for clutch cage seal, main shaft seals and inner and outer case seals. Homer Knapp installed seals on kick start shaft, gear indicator shaft and main drive side seals. Built by Matt at Speed and Sport and campaigned in vintage trials.

Beautiful bike, stored for years without headway on restoration. My sisters and I are in possession of his 1955 Ariel Sq 4. Out of the 13 Ariels I only had one single(a 500) which sold last week. I cleaned it up pretty well but alloy castings need polishing. For more info contact: [email protected] was in process of being restored. Many new motor parts, including: valves, piston with rings, head has been glassbeaded. (Mag 5 armature) Front vertical distributor plate and shaft. If you are looking for an alternative to a SQ4, this is it. Estate Sale: Garaged since purchased in March 2013, but fuel tank stolen recently. There is also a parts stash that includes another Cyclone (HC8) engine, NOS con rods and pistons, Leather saddlebags right out of the BSA/Ariel catalog and other things. He didn't do it, and now I have been hauling it around for 20 years. Mostly complete including fasteners but almost completely disassembled.

Parts missing: battery tray and hold down, horn, chain guard, and tank knee pads. The bike has been sitting for a few years and the rubber has deteriorated somewhat but the bike did win 3rd place at the meet in Lake Cachuma in 2003. The bike runs well but should have the carburetor gone through as it has been sitting for a few years. This is not a show bike but is quite beautiful in a 56 year-old kind of way. A second frame with tank, wheels, swing arm, shocks come in this package, Package also includes several high end carbs, boxes of gaskets, electrical parts, tools, original sales materials, brake and clutch parts, nuts, bolts, control cables, plumbing parts. Front Puck (sometimes called the "disk") that joins generator to vertical disributor drive. Other 37-48 Sq 4 parts wanted: Frame, Intake rocker arm box, Exhaust manifold set. The Good: Carb was re sleeved by Lund Engineering, Mag was done by Mickey Peters, Dyno has all new internals. More than a few members have seen this KH at the Clubmans and Dixon shows and can attest to its condition. 1 Swingarm Harley/Sq4 project GL280 no guts incomplete no front end mock up, 1 MKII Engine Frame front end CNML, 1 Distributor, 12 Crankshafts, 1 SU carb, 4 MKII ex manifold, 2 Mk I Iron oil tanks, 1 GB gearbox, Misc engine internals, 4 Camshaft, 1 MKI Cases RD848, 3 MKII Heads, 2 MKII Cylinder block, 1 MKII enngine, No head, NML842, 1 Upper chain guard, 2 Lower chain guard, 2 Clutch covers, MKII rear wheel, 2 MKII bobbed fenders, 2 MKII rocker cvrs, 2 Coupling gears, Misc clutch parts, 1 MKII gas tank, 1 MKII front wheel, 1 MKI frame, no lugs, 5 Primary covers, 2 Gen/Distributor, 4 Inner primary, 3 Coupling gear cover, 5 Timing case cover, 3 Engine case halves (timing), 2 Engine case halves (drive), 1 Nacelle, 1 Rear number plate, 1 Dash, 1 MKII Forks (red), 1 MKII front engine plat cvr. Parts are in the southern California and would need to be picked up. It appears bike in current condition may require a carb in addition to the fuel tank. It is unknown to this seller if any further modifications were done in the interim. I would like to sell it to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. Missing correct gas tank, seat, front wheel and fender.

I've made a mechanical start with electronic ignition and some other small work.

This is a runner with title but will obviously need a good rebuild at least cosmetically.The reason for this is so that we can ensure most parts consistent with the year of manufacture, if a machine has been altered with parts from different years or bikes, the DVLA might wish to class the bike as a special and issue a "Q" plate. The bike must be in one piece, and lights etc fitted, otherwise the DVLA may issue a “Daylight” only registration.Do not send original documents as we are not be able to return them.The cost for this service is £35, however for our club members we give a discount and the cost will be £25.Those wishing to become members of the VJMC may forward a single payment of £55 to cover certificate and joining the Club (see VJMC dating letter application for list of fees)Note: The validity of Dating letters expire after 12 months, so get your forms into the DVLA as soon as you can.1937 Ariel Red Hunter For sale 1937 Ariel 500cc Red Hunter 4 stroke single, the one to have with the high pipe & great pre war style. 1959 Ariel Square 4 with only 9811 original miles Original condition. The tail light is the only non-original on the bike. Contact Michael at Cell 925-360-5486 or email [email protected]

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