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Marriage of a Muslim woman with a non-Muslim man became legally possible.

"Religious" marriages contracted before a member of the religious establishment were not recognized as lawful unions, and their progeny were considered illegitimate.

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After preparing the bride, veil ornamented with red flake is placed over her head, and she is brought into the middle with hymn and folk songs about henna.

Henna that has earlier kneaded with water is brought in on a tray surrounded by candles and placed in the middle of the room.

Ordinarily, the amount varied directly with the status of the families involved and inversely with the closeness of their blood relationship.

For this reason, among others, marriage among closely related kin remained common in the rural areas.

More important and longer-lived was the continued practice of "illegal" religious marriages (called imam marriages), which continued to produce "illegitimate" offspring.

This has necessitated promulgation of six special laws since 1926, affecting a total of 2.9 million children rendered officially illegitimate by their parents' manner of contracting marriage.

Old-fashioned chivalry is alive and well, with men opening doors for women and offering to help with heavy lifting.

You’ll notice young people giving up their seats to the elderly on public transport; follow their example before being told to.

In churches, women should cover their head and shoulders, and men in shorts may be refused entry; you’ll also notice that Russians avoid turning their back to the iconostasis that screens the altar.

Russians are rather superstitious; you’ll see people rubbing the noses of the dog statues at the Metro Ploshad Revolutsii in Moscow for good luck.

The 1926 civil code made by the Parliament under the presidency of Atatürk outlawed polygamy and repudiation, which are provided for in Islamic law of some Moslem countries, albeit under strict regulations.

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