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In innaugural years, mugs bear the name of the President and Vice President.All mugs show the date and have the GOP or DEM on them.Brush planters and vases often rest on two unglazed feet, as shown in the Figure 4.

Stoneware, on the heaviest end of the scale, is heavier than most of the later Brush-Mc Coy planters and vases, although Brush did make stoneware early on.

If you are already familiar with Mc Coy pottery, then the feel of Brush pottery will be very similar.

Here you will find information about marks, helpful pictures, a forum / community to share your knowledge or ask questions, pages to identify antique pottery and much more!

I want you to enjoy your time here without being bombarded by flashing banners and endless Ebay listings so, THERE IS LITTLE ADVERTISING HERE.

This website was designed to help quell my obsession for antique pottery.

I'm most interested in old American Art pottery so, that's what the site is mostly about.

The Brush Pottery Company was founded in Zanesville, Ohio in 1906 by a man named George Brush, and its early history is closely tied to a better-known pottery, Mc Coy. In 1911, the two companies merged and became the Brush-Mc Coy pottery, and soon after, J.

The first Brush Pottery lasted only a few years until it burned down and George Brush went to work for the J. W.'s son Nelson Mc Coy founded his own pottery as well. W.'s death, Nelson Mc Coy continued to be involved in the Brush-Mc Coy pottery until he resigned in 1918.

(Naturally the Nixon/Agnew ticket winning the election helped in the decision as well).

In , Joniece Frank designed a Democrat donkey compliment.

Many of them have fairly detailed molds and are glazed all in one color.

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