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Through motherhood, attending post-natal classes and now as her children go to nursery she finds herself increasingly involved with the community, meeting new people and invited to children’s parties.

If you’re like some of us, then you may like to repeat that a few times and breathe mindfully before a Wake Up gathering.

Sometimes, it appears that my brain is hardwired for mate selection, and the instinct to find and attract a partner arises continuously.

Who wouldn’t love to find a “spiritual hottie”, a “Sangha sweatheart”, or a “Dharma hunk”? Walking a spiritual path with a romantic life partner can be an endless source of joy and support for one another.

I have heard elder monks and nuns share with non-monastic sincere practitioners that it is wise to develop a partnership with someone who shares our spiritual path, because of the support, inclusion, and harmony it fosters throughout our life.

English village communities are small and often eccentric.

They are, however warm and usually welcoming, reflecting local charms of the 'English character'.

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England in the summer is like a large well-kept garden that stretches on forever.

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