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When a curious team member goes near the egg, the parasite inside the egg attacks, rendering him unconscious.He is brought back aboard and the spaceship takes off. In March 2017, a madman brought Oliver Queen to the brink of despair.

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At first, the Flash is just another in a long line of superpowered criminals, but the arrival of the Scarlet Speedster brings new problems for Central City’s finest.

Len soon finds himself in an odd stalemate with the enigmatic metahuman who's making a place for himself in the criminal underground - and who also seems determined to become Len’s friend.

Oliver Queen was the sixteen-year-old scion of the wealthy Queen family before a boat trip gone awry landed him on the island hell of Lian Yu.

Three years prior, Barry Allen, all eleven years of age, woke up to a whirlwind of gold and scarlet and watched as a man in a yellow suit ruined his life.

Three years ago, tragedy struck Julianna Queen's life.

Now, she wears a mask and fights at her father's side, looking for closure and justice as she tries to find a path to move forward with her life while holding on to her past.

Felicity wasn’t completely sure that that was true.

Two years as a vigilante(or rather, vigilante adjacent) and, while Oliver’s past kept coming back, nothing from Felicity’s ever did, until now.

One wrong move or wrong word, and she could be out of a job with a snap of Moira Queen's well manicured fingers.

And with her lack of brain to mouth filter, she figured that it wouldn't take that long for her to blurt out something stupid to get Moira Queen to do exactly that.

In which Gideon needs a fake husband, a mistress for said fake husband, and a fake son while she’s at it. Based off the movie: Just Go With It Sometimes looking into a mirror can be far more startling than one could ever imagine. Kara teams up with Alexandra "Lex" Luthor from the Crime Syndicate Universe in a battle against her truly evil self.

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