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nobody ever calls me back, i have all the names of people i spoke to. My insurance has rejected my claim by saying the have never received the copy of the inspection.

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Since cancellation said company has still been making debits against my account with also above mentioned company who inturn is now harrasing me with calls two to three times a day after i have explained to said banking firm that the funds outstanding from my account is directly caused by their sister company or supposedly value added service called life insurance. I Khanyisa Somatika reported to SKYTRAX that my tracker is been disconnected with no reason.

I phoned them 3 times already and I was informed that they will schedule an appointment via sms. I'm sitting without a tracker in a high profile of High Jacking Province "CAPE TOWN" but I'm paying it every month. Up until today, i have only ever had one conversation after i posted a hello peter complaint. If anyone knows how i can get hold of them possibly with another number that isnt 0860123112 that would be great!

My household insurance is with SBIB, To get to speak to someone takes them over one hour to answer the phone.

it has been 3 occasions and all 3 times they take more than an hour to answer.

each time i call, i am holding on for approx 45 minutes. On the 2nd of November I had a break in at my property.

They completely broke down the back door and the security gate, they also broke open my sliding door. Now if I claim through SA Home Loans insurance, I will have to pay a total excess of R2250 for one...I have never changed my banking details for debit orders and always had... maybe outing these guys on social media may get a reaction out of them ?Hi my life insurance has been cancelled some time ago by above mentioned life insurance company.I did exactly that and now after a month no-one ever responded to my claim which I emailed repeatedly for a month now. Hi Peter I have been under debt review and I have paid my creditors , I struggled with Capfin when I was supposed to get my payed up letter this people were throuwing me there and there telling me that my accound has been handed over to this legal company and when I call that legal company will tell me that its not with them I must call capfin . good day I logged a claim with miway on 12/11/2017 I waited 3 for miway to get back to me telling me that my claim is rejected. Hi peter can you please interven I submitted all the documents two weeks back but until now there's no response from them. Renault offers 1 year free insurance when you buy the Renault Kwid but it's certainly proven not to be a perk!!!I was very disappointed with the service I got from them . I was claiming for death of my father in law..their email address is [email protected] 465 50110865256916name is noludwe Luzipo .thank you in advance I had a dispute with the standard bank insurance claim rejection and have sent them an e-mail about 5 days ago and I have yet to receive a reply. Carene Paaijmans of Rodel insurance is one of the worst consultants I've had the misfortune of crossing paths with.I spoke to a consultant who told me that it would take about an hour for the truck to get there.

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