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His has loved her since he set eyes on her, and didn't even know it.Join Harry in his quest for the truth, of who he is, and what he is.

Harry's sixth year is over, the Battle has been won and he's off for a summer with Sirius and Remus and then the Weasleys before starting his seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Rating: PG - Spoilers: PS/SS, Co S, Po A, Go F, Oot P, HBP - 5040 hits - 2159 words Genre: Humor, Friendship - Main character(s): Dum, Hr - Ships: D/Hr, G/H, H/Hr, RL/Tonks - Era: Harry and Classmates Post-Hogwarts Hermione has finished Hogwarts and is back and living with her parents while waiting frantically for her NEWT results.

In a desperate attempt to calm her nerves, she calls her friends (and some people not so friendly), and their answering machines pick up, revealing some startling information.

Well, it might be a little more difficult than she planned when that someone is a 300-pound Catholic priest with a rather peculiar affection for cheese and American jokes. Sirius helps Remus and Tonks overcome a misunderstanding that threatens to ruin their relationship before it even gets started. Part of my "Marauders Redux"/ "Transformations" universe.

Harry is depressed after the death of Sirius, at the end of last year.

His friends force him to rethink his plans as they convince him to restart the D. and also promise to help him in his quest to vanquish Voldemort.

In the adventures that precede the annual trip on the Hogwarts Express, Harry learns a great deal about the powers of both love and trust. I helped arrest his father.” “Draco is not a Death Eater.” Tonks only just managed to bite back her response to that, but she could see that her mother knew that she wanted to say “Not yet.” “Nymphadora, either I was going to take him in, or Bellatrix would.” Rating: PG-13 - Spoilers: PS/SS, Co S, Po A, Go F, Oot P, HBP, JKR - 6423 hits - 34589 words Genre: Romance, Angst - Main character(s): G, H - Ships: BW/Fleur, CFC_W/FW, CFC_W/Percy, Ch W/OFC_W, G/H, GW/OFC_W, Hr/R, RL/Tonks - Era: Multiple Eras Having broken up with Ginny just a few short weeks ago, Harry finds himself confronted with Ginny's unhappiness and his own guilt.An unexpected letter brings him out of his misery, giving him hope for a normal life.He gains hope for his future, and for his true love.racy in bits, a fan fic your unlikly to forget, someone gets an eyefull! She has fallen in love with Remus Lupin, who seems to have similar feelings towards her, but rejects that love because of his curse of being a werewolf.She struggles with these feelings and falls into despair.Her names is written in those stars, as strongly as it was stitched into their family tapestry all those years ago, and he thinks sometimes, that there is something inescapable in this, that it has all been set in stone long before he even existed.

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