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A federal judge has delayed Texas' fetal remains burial rule until Jan. Judge Sam Sparks ruled Thursday afternoon that the Texas Department of State Health Services would have to push back its start date for requiring health providers to bury or cremate aborted fetuses. About 34 people crammed into the seats of the federal court in Austin to watch as state lawyers and the Center for Reproductive Rights made arguments about whether the rule should go into effect on Dec. Texas Assistant Attorney General John Langley said during the hearing that the rule was about treating fetal remains with dignity and that incinerating them and putting them in landfills "is disrespectful and where garbage and medical waste go." He said there was no increase in costs to health care providers and patients.

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Hellerstedt gives us strong ground to stand as we continue to fight these coerced mandates from overzealous politicians that strip personal decisions away from women and families,” Miller said.

Earlier this week, Marc Rylander, a spokesman for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, said the rules "simply provide for the humane disposal of fetal tissue instead of sending it to landfills like unwanted trash, as is the abortion industry’s current practice.” Read more on the fetal remains rule: The Texas Tribune is pleased to provide the opportunity for you to share your observations about this story.

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Wait staff, bartenders, hostesses and restaurant owners alike within the Lone Star State will have to pay attention to new rules that have been signed into place–as recently as October 11, 2015–that require you to have your food handler certificate.

To get past the legalese of the new Texas Food Establishment Rules, we’ve put together this handy guide for how to know whether or not you need to get certified.

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