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Sandy Springs offers an amazing opportunity for fun times without the crowds or expense found at nearby Atlanta venues.

The city also has a unique atmosphere all to its own; while Buckhead and other parts of Atlanta are certainly worth visiting for a great night out, you could easily have a great time right here in Sandy Springs.

The name was changed to avoid being associated with the defunct Gesher political party; and are closely related.

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Enjoy soulful, relaxing music along with top-notch food and drinks in an environment that’s practically guaranteed to impress.

Center Ice Arena Want to give your favorite Georgia gal or guy a unique experience? Living in the south means that winter-time pond skating is something only spoken of in rumors and hushed whispers, meaning we miss out on a significant rite-of-passage all those Yankee carpetbaggers got to enjoy growing up.

Sandy Bridge implementations targeted a 32 nanometer manufacturing process, while Intel's subsequent product, codenamed Ivy Bridge, uses a 22 nanometer process.

The Ivy Bridge die shrink, known in the Intel Tick-Tock model as the "tick", is based on Fin FET (non-planar, "3D") tri-gate transistors.

AES encryption acceleration will be available, which can be useful for video conferencing and Vo IP applications.

Sandy and Ivy Bridge processors contain a DRM technology that some video streaming web sites rely on to restrict use of their content.

As a work around, Intel made available K/X-series processors, which feature unlocked multipliers; with a multiplier cap of 57 for Sandy Bridge.

Sandy and Ivy Bridge processors with v Pro capability have security features that can remotely disable a PC or erase information from hard drives.

Intel stopped production of flawed B2 stepping chipsets and began producing B3 stepping chipsets with the silicon fix.

Shipping of these new chipsets started on 14 February 2011 and Intel estimated full recovery volume in April 2011.

Cafe 290 Cafe 290 is considered Sandy Spring’s hidden gem for date nights, fun nights out or just anyone who enjoys modern and classic jazz.

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