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We in Canada, have had similar child abuse issues from the Catholic Church. Reporting him to the Papal Nuncio, the Norbitine Order and the Vatican from 1968. The enablers, Pell, Brady, Law, Mahoney, Ratzinger and Bishop Robert Cunningham of Syracuse, who in court depositions accused a young boy of being Culpable and an Accomplice to his own abuse (2011 WTF) get cushy pensions and live in Palaces! But, Tim, I’m am not enamoured with my mother’s new taste for bad language! ) and is quite at home ditching the undeserved titular niceties, swapping them for my preferred reference “effing Pell”.While whistle blowers like Fr Tom Doyle are sidelined or much worse! As mentioned, she’s razor sharp but a little frail at 87. When do we get to vote for Australian of the Year, coz you’re it!

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Thanks for writing it and putting words to the frustration felt by so many.

Oh I also wanted to say that I really like your Pope song as well. We all need to do what we can to stamp out this scourge. Thrice, if you add a twisted, sadistic nun who bullied, pilloried and taunted me right through high school – yeah, the best days. My mother was a nun for a little while, and my dad seriously considered the priesthood (oh-so obviously before the six of us came along …).

I keep tweeting to you, hoping to catch your attention, just because I feel like I have to say things *and* *be* *heard* so the mental storm will quieten down. It’s not as polished as the Pope song, it hasn’t gone through the same intellectual filter… And, the parents won’t have any money or political clout to fight back.

Now, wait it out until that generation passes away so the gov doesn’t have to pay the Stolen Wages back.

Background: Cardinal George Pell is the most powerful dude in the Catholic Church of Australia.

He’s currently working at the Vatican, but The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has demanded his presence in Australia.Quite obviously Pell still doesn’t understand the enormity of what has happened – and probably never will.(He thinks God is on his side – it obviously hasn’t sunk in yet that God is actually Tim Minchin in a Santa Clause beard! As some who grew up in Ballarat and went to the schools in question, how the hell could Pell not know when 90% of the boys at the school heard the stories.But George has sent a doctor’s note saying he’s too unwell to fly.The whole thing stinks to high hell, and many people in Australia are very, very angry…not least of all, the survivors in Ballarat, where abuse was sickeningly rife.Pell was born and educated in Ballarat, and at one point actually lived with Gerry Ridsdale, one of the most prolific (and allegedly protected) paedophiles in Australian history. He spent his career protecting pedofiles, in particular, the vile rampant abuser Fr Brendan Smyth.

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