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Without boring you with any further details of my childhood, or going into details of the various unsavory "post-wiwi" odors I had to endure, all in the name of plaiting suku or kolese on my head, I decided to compile a list of hair styles that are common amongst school girls. Here are the contenders (in no particular order): It is called Kolese in Yoruba and I daresay is the most popular hair style amongst school girls.Of course, you had to do these hair styles WITHOUT any attachments, i.e. If your hair braider cannot plait 'all back,' then what can she plait?She did not mind serving her customers from the front or from behind.

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Both marriages took place on the 18th and 20th of March 2012 respectively.

Jean Claude made all travelling arrangements and the both of them flew to France on the 21 of March that same year.

According to Complete Sports, Ex Super Eagles midfielder, Wilson Oruma, ...

Photos: Months after the money rain at his son'dedication, popular Owerri big boy puts up billboard to celebrate the child's first birthday Chibuike Okechukwu Paschal, the owner of Club Opium, Cubana in Owerri, ...

The truth of the matter was that Jean Claude is a pimp who goes to Africa and picks up girls to come and work as séx slaves for him in France.

Since Axelle did not know about this, she would wish she never used the internet in her life.Others have fallen into traps in the West and wish they would never have known what the internet was.This is the case of one Cameroonian, Elvire Axelle Tchamakoua. Axelle is prostituté who is pimped to various men by her main man Jean Claude (French Businessman).Angry Nigerian dad calls out private schools for giving students too much homework, says responsibility of teaching has now been shifted to parents An Angry Nigerian dad took to his Facebook page this afternoon to call out t ...Disturbing photos of ex-Super Eagles player, Wilson Oruma who has suffered relapse of emotional trauma after being duped...Of course, thread (black rubber thread or black cloth/fabric thread) is used to create this hair style.

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