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Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst (yes, the most successful online sex toy retailer in the UK is run by men) were colleagues at Future Publishing. Longhurst ran a shopping directory with the usual home and garden categories and one bright day he added an adult shop.

There they were down in the West Country watching this whole dotcom malarkey unfolding and Richard was at Dot. And as part of that process he had to research the category obviously.

For honey that is cultivated in Paris, there is a UNAF boutique in the Marais (26, rue des Tournelles), the Luxembourg garden honey is available at the Fêtes du Miel during the final part of September, and the honey cultivated on the Paris Garnier Opéra is available occasionally at the boutique in the opera house.

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It wasn’t until I moved to France that I fell in love with the stuff.

When I led tours, I’d bring guests to honey shops and people would just kind of look around – or look over me, perhaps wondering when we were getting to the chocolate – as I started to explain fabulous wonders of French honey.

Net magazine while Neal was on the business development side of things. What he found provided him with several ‘lightbulb moments’.

The customer service was appalling and the goods were universally presented from either a pornographic viewpoint or at the very least a very masculine one.

Fabriqué en France or Recolté en France (Made in France, or Harvested in France) are different from Elaboré en France or Transformé en France (Processed in France) – and not just on honey, but on other food products.

I once bought what I thought was honey at a Middle Eastern market and when I got home, and have my glasses, I looked at the label carefully and saw that it was glucose who is at the Marché des Producteurs that takes place annually in Paris, and her honey is the first thing I pick up. It’s the first booth I go to, but I do the rest of my shopping, then stop back there just before leaving because the amount of honey that I buy isn’t all that light.The seller was rather shocked, “Don’t you want to taste it first?” he asked, before ringing me up – I was so in the habit of not getting a taste of anything.) But don’t go into a French supermarket and pop open a bottle of wine and take a swig (although whenever I have to brave a Monoprix, sometimes I feel like I need a belt), or open a jar of honey and dip your finger into it.But you shouldn’t really be buying honey from the supermarket when there are so many great honeys to choose from that are the same price, or less, sold by the , who has less than 10 beehives – in France, you can only have 9.If you have 10, you’re considered professional and have to deal with all sorts of paperwork and fees, I’m told (talk about getting stung, not once, not twice.three times!And the other jar is from a trip to the Jura, which I haven’t opened, but I loved the dark color and since I have a crush on that region, I like having a souvenir in my kitchen of my last trip there.

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