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In total, there are now more than 70,000 Irish nationals resident long term in Australia, up from 55,000 in 2006; then there are the 22,000 Irish backpackers over there for the 12 months.

Police sources in the Bondi area have said that several bars in the area are open 24 hours, and that public order incidents involving Irish backpackers are an increasing problem, with violent altercations on the rise.

"Often on a Saturday night in the nearby A&E, you could have an Irish nurse treating an Irish patient," said Mr Cantwell.

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But although they may be enjoying their life experiences, some of the locals are not so happy with their behaviour and concerns are growing over a native backlash against their backpacking visitors.

"They are young, they are out late, they are drinking hard, many are taking drugs, they are away from home and they are often making noise well into the night at 24-hour bars.

We have a considerable security team who are there to prevent violence but that is not always possible and at times punches are thrown.

But we take the issue very seriously and we want to ensure our customers enjoy themselves." A local police source agreed.

As a result, some of Irish travellers in the area have said they have experienced a backlash from some locals.

"I've been in Australia for over six months now, and in Sydney for over two.She also noted later that the feeder was not easily viewed from the window.This year, she initially decided she would not hang a feeder, but on December 2nd, Charles thought he saw a hummingbird around the deck.Mr Cantwell said the resentment against the Irish in Sydney must be taken in the context of a wider backlash against backpackers.Despite the mounting tensions and problems with anti-social behaviour, the Irish were still welcome Down Under, he added."The working holiday visa is an overwhelming success story for Australia.

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