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NOTE from Sheldon, [email protected] you make contact with old friends, shipmates, or whomever maybe you could drop us an e-mail telling us about it. I was also one of the original plank owners of the re-commissioning of MCB 74.

We do often wonder if this guestbook is effective in reuniting people. Would love to hear from any of the guys who served in MCB74 on its first tour of duty in Vietnam.

Served one tour of duty at Red Beach Danang, Vietnam.

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still in contact with some of the guys after all these years. name: Michael Avery email: flyboy.650 at location: Mobile Al. on a Sunday noon so he could go to a village and you know what? Connor email: jconnor at location: Bayville, New Jersey Date: October 01, 2010 comment: I was a Seabee from 1964 to 1969 and was a member of Operation Deep Freeze. I was a Corpsman attached to MCB10 from March of 1969 until February of 1970. Johnston email: tzarina at com location: San Diego, California Date: July 30, 2010 comment: My father, James Grant Kerr, was in the Seabees until his retirement in 1970. In going through old papers and photos of his that my brother had stored, I found many pictures of him on Midway Island, Adak and Kodiak, Alaska, etc. name: Larry Swanson email: ldswan420 at location: St. Served in acb1 the bone and nmcb5 with two westpacks. My Dad is trying to find out in what unit he served.

Date: October 27, 2010 comment: EO2 MCB-3 CAMP KINSER OKINAWA 68-69 As sea stories go, a gripping bee is a happy bee after all I single- handedly did the refurb at Kinser in one tour. Markgraf email: jjm1 at location: Lodi, WI.53555 Date: October 17, 2010 comment: Was with NMCB-11 @ Camp Adenir in Vietnam 1966. name: Rich Farrell email: richtr6 at location: Connecticut Date: October 03, 2010 comment: CMA2. I did two tours in the south pole before being hurt. I did not return to Vietnam with the Battalion because my discharge date was Feb of 1970....anyone out there at Port Hueneme during the rotation in '69? and was hoping to get stories from anyone who might have known him during his service. name: Kayla Davis email: Kay D9487 at location: Plainville CT Date: July 09, 2010 comment: I was never in. name: Matt Crouse email: vetusaster at location: Iowa Date: June 30, 2010 comment: Diego Garcia 74-75 Delta Co. Cloud, MN Date: June 20, 2010 comment: My dad served as a Seabee (CM1) in WWII in North Africa and the Pacific. My Dad does have some pictures and all, but nothing giving a clue as to what unit his Dad served in.

I believe that would have put your departure to Quang Tri as sometime between August and October. All the parties departed together on a ship to California. Proud of you all~ In 1972-74, I had the opportunity to live on Adak and graduate early from High School. My older sister was born at the base hospital at Norfolk, VA in 1952. Please let me know about his Seebees or if you have info on Pop. I have an old photo of his battilion but only know him in it. He was never a great man but I was ALWAYS proud of his service to his country. I would like to find someone with information on my fathers Seabee service. Dad was deployed to Dong Ha when the base blew up in 67 and was also staioned in Da Nang 68-69 at one time. name: Kevin Millageemail: dirtboy170 at yahoo.comlocation: Cannon Falls MN Date: February 14, 2011comment: Hi i'm looking for some help with determining what paint color and emblem location were use on Navy Seabee vehicles in 1964, I'm in the process of restoring a 1964 M677 troop carrier. name: Richard L Watson I email: okpossum at location: Ardmore Oklahoma Date: December 24, 2010 comment: 3cpo MCB-62 duty stationed in Gulfport Mississippi DPPO 69-72 / Diego Garcia May 71-Dec 71, Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico june 70-jan 71.

The cruise book I got the info from didn't have dates on the detail departures. The Sea-bee base in Port Hueneme is where I lived when age 4-5, then we moved to what is now the Oxnard Harbor area. I am putting together a Family history for my granddaughters and I'd like to include this part of his life. I would love to know more to pass it on to his grandchildre/and great-grandchildren/great-great-grandchildren. Thank you, Gayle Benally I was an IPO EO-2 in MCB-7. I was with MCB5 Camp Hoover, Danang 1969, next to hill 327. I would love to hear from anyone that served with him. name: Frank Germannemail: frank.germann at gmail.comlocation: West St Paul, MN Date: February 21, 2011comment: I was an Engineering Aid Surveyor and was stationed at Public Works Yokosuka Japan in 1962/1963. I served in the Navy Seabee 1987-1995 Dersert Storm vet.attacted to Fleet Hospital 5 Jabal Saudi Arabia. Trying to reach others from these places and times name: Bryan Kinter email: c_rush2008 at location: Chambersburg, PA Date: December 12, 2010 comment: My name is Bryan Kinter and I am contacting you in regards to my grandfather, Gary Eugene Johns. He died on Wednesday December 8th, 2010 and with his death leaves only one man from his platoon left living.

(39) I was given an early out and we went to Orlando FL.. We worked with the people of Califorinia fighting forrest fires and anything they needed so we could get use to civilian life and try to blend in with the community and normal life. THEN JAN 69 QUANG TRI UNTIL AUG 69, JUST IN TIME FOR THE STORM. / MCB8 64 64 / DANANG ADVANCE PARTY & REAR ECHELON / CHU LAI / BUH2 ELDON MCWILLIAMS - Ekm2 at name: Rodereick De Youngemail: [email protected]: Randolph, New Jersey 07869 Date: January 14, 2011comment: I know that our Unit- I believe it was the 7th Construction Ballalian- ended up on Okinawa in the spring of 1945. I think that my dog tags were 609-91-89 name: Richard Rosasemail: descriptivemind2 at yahoo.comlocation: Los Angeles, Calif. Would like to know about their role/locations there and obtain copies of any photos/written material. 53546 Date: November 17, 2010 comment: Joined the Navy June 1957 Class A builders school Port Huneme Ca. name: Ann Finch email: carrieannfinch at location: United States Date: November 15, 2010 comment: My Daddy was a Seabee during WW 2. I have just started trying to research his service. Thanks--- name: Keith "Kacy" Johnston email: circlej9120 at location: Kewanee Il Date: November 13, 2010 comment: Still searching for MCB10 Seabees 1967-1969 Khe Sanh Vietnam. Bjork email: stuart.bjork at location: Janesville Wi. After boot camp I went to class A school at Port Hueneme Ca. Was hoping to find jerry Mann who we were station with and my wife and I live with until our home was ready for us.

I was one of the first Seabees assigned to the base that had just opened up, and we slept in old WWII type wooden barracks with no screens.

I was able to visit it recently and see the welcome home signs for the Seabees! Can anyone tell me more about his duties, where stationed, rank, etc. I was an EO with MCB 74 stationed in Gulfport, I was in Diego Garcia in 1973 when it was just us the environment. Early in the deployment I broke the rule of "never volunteer" and found out what airlift missions were! We deployed to Camp Barnes Dong Ha in Quang Tri provence; in June 1968. Lott, EM2C, CBMU 503, serving on Pelilieu, Guam, the Philippines and other S. Any info on the 503 or personnel serving would be most appreciated! name: Robert Coopemail: Nevada Appraiser at SBCGlobal.netlocation: Carson City, Nevada Date: February 21, 2011comment: I was deployed from MCB 10 as a part of the "Ghost Battalion" to Dong Ha / Quang Tri. name: Joanne email: skjj at comcast.netlocation: Oregon Date: February 13, 2011comment: Looking to contact the family of FRANK JAMES or JACOB ARNOLD. He was a great man and he always spoke highly of the Seabee honor.

One of the the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Like many, I never appreciated what my service days did in my development at the time. I went thru NCO Combat Traing with the Marine Corp.3RD Division. Frank was a WW11 Seabee out of Ventura or Oxnard California. I just thought that it should be known about his passing and that he thought highly of all veterans and in his last 6 years he assisted veterans at the veteran center in west Virginia. I ran the Carpenter Shop most of the time I was on Kauai The base was a small Aux.

I know it wasn't 1962 because I was in Viegues, PR that year. Agent Orange, problems with the Heart over the past few years. I am also looking for the Green in Color book from Dangha 1967-1968E Or if someone could point me in the right direction name: Michael Dumontemail: mdumont at somersworth.comlocation: Somersworth NH Date: March 01, 2011comment: I served with NMCB-74 from 1979 to 1981.

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