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In 1835 a Professor Murray patented a line throwing gun and commissioned a prototype from John Blanch in Hull.A short while later, John jnr was seen to be advertising this very same gun under his own name in breach of the patent protection and a legal action was initiated.Sara was already pregnant when she and John sailed and there second son, William Harnett, was born as the ship crossed the equator.

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The 'Master' is the top appointment within the Farriers Company and confers great prestige upon its incumbent.

It can be seen by his swift elevation within the Farriers Company, that John Blanch had become a highly respected businessman of the age. In 1811 he returned to form a partnership with Jackson Mortimer as Mortimer & Blanch but this apparently only lasted one year and in 1813, at the age of 29, he set up on his own at 39 Fish Street Hill.

The first John Blanch was born in 1784 and at the age of 16 was apprenticed within the Farriers Company to Jackson Mortimer, a prestigious London gunmaker.

In approximately 1807, having finished his apprenticeship, he married his master's daughter, Ann, and moved on to work for the famous John Manton, probably until 1809.

Many gamekeepers and patrons of the country's gun trade were wounded or killed in the trenches and to a large extent the hostilities brought an end to the heyday of the sporting gun trade.

Ironically, the war inspired several of the very few Blanch patents.

This name change helps to date early Blanch guns that do not display the 'and Son'.

Soon after this the orphaned William Harnett Blanch, born 1836, grandson of the founder and son of the eldest son John, returned from Australia to be apprenticed to his uncle William in 1851.

It is not known when he died but if he was still alive in 1860 he would have been 76 years old.

William Blanch died in 1899 at the age of 77 and an obituary was published in the October, 1899 edition of the periodical Arms and Explosives. It seems that Herbert John Blanch succeeded him.1909 saw the publication of 'A Century of Guns' by H J Blanch.

He was apprenticed to his father in 1936 and became a freeman of the Farriers Company in 1843.

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