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Aristocrats sitting for their portraits would request that a handkerchief be included in the picture, the more embellished the better, to indicate their status and position.

Considered a symbol of wealth, handkerchiefs became larger and larger, until, in 1785 Louis XVI issued a decree prohibiting anyone from carrying a handkerchief larger than his. The tradition of borrowing a bridal hankie may have stemmed from the times when they were too expensive for a young bride to afford.

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In the fifteenth century, European traders returned from China with great numbers of peasants’ headscarves, which Europeans appropriated as fashion accessories.

Renaissance portraits show both men and women holding handkerchiefs embroidered and edged in lace.Speaking of brides and courtship the handkerchief served as a surreptitious go-between to send explicit messages to the gimlet eyed observer.Soon a whole language of flirting developed which survived well into Victorian times.She collects books, science fiction memorabilia and more! Email her at makalice @ e Bay ID: Malice9 You may quote up to 50 words of any article on the condition that you attribute the article to Ecommerce and either link to the original article or to Divine antique 19th century embroidered whitework handkerchief, featuring a crown or coronet monogram, indicating the textile belonged to a royal, or member of the nobility.

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