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He occasionally worked as a male escort which is how he came into contact with Port through a website called Sleepyboys.

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But within days, Mr Kovari said he wanted to move on.

On August 27, Port told his sister Sharon on the phone that there was a dead body in the bed at his flat and she advised him to go to the police.

He agreed to Port's offer of £800 for an overnight date and told his friend Ellie Green about it "in case I get killed".

As an extra precaution, he told her he had a small knife but was going to take scissors with him.

But the following day, Mr Kovari's body was found dumped 500 metres away in Barking Abbey graveyard by a dog walker.

He was propped up wearing sunglasses next to a bag of his belongings.

It is not clear whether the name he uses on his dating profile is his new identity or an online persona.

Venables was granted a new identity in 2001 after he was released on licence having served eight years for his part in murdering James Bulger in 1993.

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Venables, 32, is said to be using the site - which can not be named for legal reasons - to invite women to contact him online.

In 2007, it was reported that Venables had tried to seduce a single mother-of-one through a social networking site.

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