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And dating with disabled is no exception, our site here is proof of that.

Everyone wants to date and find someone to share their lives with together.

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and dating ads find - Dating with handicap

I remember being very rudely asked if my partner was capable of having sex, or worse…if I was taking advantage of him.

To the first question, I answered that I did not know that sight was a requirement to have sex. People were surprised when I introduced him as my boyfriend.

Of course, when my date returned, I told him about the situation.

His retort was priceless: “What does he want you to do? ” It became a running joke for the remainder of the relationship.

I was out with my date, and enjoying myself with him, as usual, when he decided that he needed to go to the men’s room.

The men’s room attendant, who observed my date making his way to the restroom, hastened towards me to ask, “Don’t you think you should go in there with him? ” You see, he felt the need to ask that ridiculous question because my date was blind.Family, friends, and even the ‘man in the street’’ will ask you all sorts of questions, so you have to figure out how to handle them. When you’re in a relationship, what matters is how you and that person relate to and treat each other.I think the biggest issue is how to negotiate if and when your partner will need any help. Eventually, like any other couple, we figured out who was good at what and divided the labour.Around 10% of the people in the world are currently living with a disability.People with disabilities still work, do sports, travel, and raise families.Disabled dating with another person may give you a better chance of finding that special someone, as another disabled person also understands the challenges of life.

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