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The wife of a successful construction manager has disappeared after an ordinary morning in Belgrade.He is assured she will come back and continues with life, as usual.This piece has the youngest generation of actors, and I was amazed by some of the scenes and disgusted with others.

See full summary » Moma is a hobo and suffers from depression. Right up until 15 minutes before the end the movie turns from bad relationship and a chick flick sexual teenage story to a CSI: Missing Victims.

The main character suddenly turns from a concerned boyfriend to a prime investigator who finds - nothing (I s*** you not).

The Croatia 50,000 Dinara and 100,000 Dinara are dated 1993.

Both feature Croatian astronomer, physicist, mathematician, and philosopher Roger Joseph Boscovich. In 1753 he discovered the absence of atmosphere on the Moon.

A bronze copy is at Zagreb University in Croatia Croatia issued this 2011 dated 12-sided bimetallic 25 Kuna coin to commemorate the signing of the treaty allowing Croatia to join the European Union. The reverse features a beehive of 27 cells, representing the 27 member nations, and a square, representing Croatia, about to join the hive.

The other side is the standard obverse featuring a partially incuse design that includes the Croatian arms and a Pine Marten.

The original sculpture has been in a "temporary exhibition" in Belgrade, Serbia since 1934.

Serbia has refused to return the statue to Croatia.

This seven beautiful, old, multi-colored, Uncirculated banknotes from communist Bulgaria is dated 1951. A peasant woman with a basket of roses is on the 50 Leva, A woman picking grapes is on the 100 Leva and farmers picking tobacco are on the 200 Leva.

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