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Those old golf clubs banished to your basement or garage aren't really golf clubs.

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"[Trading] is a much cleaner transaction for the consumer," says Haggin Oaks' Morton.

"But a lot of people are disappointed with the trade-in price.

Only 12 percent responded they had no clubs to trade in. Part of the reason for the rise is that 6,200 retail locations (employing more than 10,000 PGA professionals) now take part in the network's program.

So, if you go to trade in your clubs, do you have to buy something to effect the trade?

But what you can do is get them in better equipment than what they might have bought otherwise -- equipment that might help them play a little better or help them enjoy what good shots they do hit.

Long-term that might keep them in the game longer, and that's good for everyone."Sabella adds that Callaway will do between .5 million and million per year in business on Trade In! -- the result of 25,000 trades, each of which results in a new-club purchase.

"The technology in that category is moving fast, and the drop-off in value is just as quick."Worst value, however, is wedges.

They get beaten up more than any other club in the bag.

The guy looking at a 0 driver likely has something to trade in.

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