Dead meat dating site

Funeral directors were dating pathology technicians, embalmers were dating mortuary managers, etc.

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If you were the half of any fictional dark couple, who would it be and why?

Oh that’s easy: I’d be Morticia and my other half would be Gomez Addams. is specifically designed for those in the Death Industry.

If you’ve dreamed of meeting a friend, research partner, or significant other in the death industry, is a great place to start.

Founded by Carla Valentine, a Pathology Museum Curator, Licensed Anatomical Pathology Technologist (a.k.a. Dirge Magazine asked founder Carla Valentine a few questions about the creation of and her love life.

then extends to death doulas, funeral celebrants, and more.

Once you create a username (it’s free to join), there’s a whole drop-down menu of options. That said there are options for “researcher” or “student.” There’s no real vetting process: a lot of members are people who want to get into the industry and are looking for mentors, or other types of researchers who are looking for someone in that field to collaborate with. Is it strictly for romance, or are there additional death-related activities involved?The events usually include a lecture on something like the history of embalming or one of the member’s Ph D research.The difference is the audience are all qualified in the field and it means they’re not classed as “general public.” So, for example, when a Forensic Pathologist gave a lecture she was able to show images and talk about cases that the “general public” wouldn’t be able to see or hear.The list of eligible jobs got longer and longer as I started to get queries from people about whether or not their occupation could be added.It starts with the funeral industry and areas more familiar to me, such as pathologists, histologists, nurses (because one of their duties is to “lay out” the dead), etc.Funeral directors and trainee funeral directors, I think. Have site users told you any juicy stories about their love connections? At Dead Meet-Ups members just get to come along and meet, in person, people they may have been chatting to via the site whether it’s for romance or simple networking.

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