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But Mc Connell said on Sunday that if Moore is elected, the Senate will swear him in and then the Senate ethics committee would decide whether to investigate the allegations.'We'll swear in whoever's elected and see where we are at that point,' Mc Connell said on CBS' Face the Nation.'We can't stop him from being seated,' said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who was also interviewed on CBS.

At the postgraduate level, the margin between the candidates shrunk, but Mc Cain still beat out Obama by 1 percentage point.

(The postgraduate voters were not identified by race.) The Pew Research Center released data in August 2012 about GOP gains among working-class white voters that found: "Lower-income and less educated whites also have shifted substantially toward the Republican Party since 2008." Among whites without a college degree, the GOP now holds a 54 percent to 37 percent advantage among non-college whites, who were split about evenly four years ago.

Since the women came forward Moore has unleashed vicious attacks against them in an attempt to discredit their statement.

Following the allegations a number of Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell, John Mc Cain and even Ivanka Trump have denounced Moore and called for him to step down from the race.

President Donald Trump originally backed Moore's opponent in the Republican primary, Senator Luther Strange.

But Trump has since defended Moore, noting Moore has denied allegations of sexual misconduct.Of voters with a postgraduate degree, Obama had an 18-point advantage over Mc Cain. All white voters at each education level -- except of course, white Democrats -- overwhelmingly voted for Mc Cain.The GOP nominee had a 48-point advantage over Obama among Georgia’s white college graduate respondents.Though Moore was accused of sexually assaulting nine young women, most Alabama Republicans believe the allegations aren't true Bikers for Trump are pictured at a rally for Alabama Chief Justice and US Senate hopeful Roy Moore.Though Moore was accused of sexually assaulting nine young women, many believe that Democrats and the media are behind the allegations According to the CBS poll, 71 per cent of Alabama Republicans say the allegations against Moore are false, and believe that Democrats and the media are behind the accusations.Most Republicans believe the sexual assault allegations against US Senate hopeful Roy Moore are false, according to a new poll.

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