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So I never really got into the whole theatre thing. So Tchami, Blau – I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these artists, they’re all Future House artists – Funkin Matt, they’re all great artists, and those are who I’m listening to. I’ve made a couple of friends throughout the industry that I’m going to be working with while I’m getting the production done.

I mostly stayed in front of a camera, which was my comfort zone. I say this a lot in interviews – sometimes I love having the guys that are a part of the show, like John Alan and Matt Baram, on set, because I get my guy time, I get to be among guys. [Future House] is a branch of the EDM genre, that’s electronic dance music. Hopefully, I’m going to be able to enter it in some festivals, see how it does there. I’ve had the script done for about a year now and just the title isn’t coming to me.

“Deryck and I have been together for 6-an-a-half years.

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For me, for choreography with Addy, it’s more like, “Make sure you get this kind of [movement], make sure you’re feeding to the crowd, make sure you’re doing this.” So I have most of the control, but she gives me feels, she points me in the right direction when I’m confused or when I’m needing help on certain things. I like having a choreographer, because sometimes when I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do, she guides me in the right direction. It’s a regular boarding school [where] we add that artistic flair to Mackendrick Prep.

For me, I grew up going to Catholic schools, just regular elementary schools, and then I went to a Catholic high school. I wanted to get into doing theatre and doing the stage stuff, but I never had the confidence to get up onstage and think, “Okay, I have one shot to do this.

I just recently graduated from my Catholic high school. There are between fifty and a couple hundred people watching me.” It definitely got me nervous.

I actually remember doing a monologue on stage at my school, and thinking that all my friends are watching, having a spotlight on me – it was nerve-wracking.

“I am grateful for our time together, and I am grateful and blessed for our remaining friendship.” She adds: “I admire Deryck and have a great amount of respect for him.

He is the most amazing person I know and I love him with all my heart.

I haven’t been much of a singer and I’m still not much of a singer.

I’m featured on some of the songs [in MAKE IT POP].

“They really want the best for each other,” a source tells PEOPLE.

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