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Mostly we are used details view control to view all details of single record in a one page.

Details view control is same like other data control, it is also used to display record in the web page.

Here are some common scenarios you can create with dates.

Student assignments submitted after the due date will be marked as late in the Gradebook.

Due Dates are not required in Cognella Active Learning, but they are helpful in managing course workflow and deadlines.

If you manage courses in a time zone other than your local time zone and create or edit a due date for an assignment, the course and local times will be displayed for reference.

For instance, a due time of pm means that the assignment is marked late at pm.

To make this change, you need to edit the quiz options and restrict the quiz results.

Due Dates and Availability Dates can be used together, depending on how you want to manage the assignment.—Some instructors do not allow any late submissions by setting the Until Date as the Due Date.For example, If you want to allow students to view the assignment at any time with a due date of September 19 at pm, but you do not want to accept any late submissions, also set the Until Date as September 19 at pm.For example, if you set an assignment as due on September 19 at pm, but you do not want students to submit the assignment until September 9 at 12 am, set the Available From date as September 9 at 12 am.Cognella Active Learning views and scores the assignment as follows: If you want to allow students to submit an assignment until a specific date, set an Until date.The Details View changes to Edit Mode, but after clicking on the Update Button it shows the old data.

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