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There is Dorothy Doar, Regency housekeeper for the obscenely wealthy 1st Duke and Duchess of Sutherland at Trentham Hall, Staffordshire.There is Sarah Wells, a deaf and elderly Victorian in charge of Uppark, West Sussex.

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Director Christopher Miles () and legendary cinematographer Douglas Slocombe focus Genet’s heady theatricality into a riveting and dynamic cinematic experience.

In a world where the lines drawn between mistress, servant, confession, accusation, degradation, redemption, murder and suicide become as fragile as French lace, the fatal truth remains that, “naturally, maids are guilty when madams are innocent.” The film preserves the essential quality of the play, which is that of a series of performances designed not to tell a story or convince us of narrative truth, but to speculate on illusion, on the relationship between the looks of things and the reality.

While museum professionals have increasingly incorporated women, immigrants, African Americans, and other minorities into portrayals of the past, these portrayals often show an idealistic world without class antagonisms or ethnic conflict.

Exploring the domestic conflicts that may have existed between mistress and servant often creates a more vivid and believable experience for guests.

The Housekeeper’s Tale: The Women Who Really Ran the English Country House: Working as a housekeeper was one of the most prestigious jobs a nineteenth and early twentieth century woman could want – and also one of the toughest.

A far cry from the Downton Abbey fiction, the real life Mrs.

As is the inevitable case with Genet, illusion is the only reality, and reality is a lie or, you might say, an illusion.

Voices from the Back Stairs: Interpreting Servants’ Lives at Historic House Museums: Historic house museums—one of the most prevalent types of history museums in the country—have long depicted the owners of the house and their families, but representing the servants has introduced a unique set of challenges.

Finally, after six years of service, they end up committing a particularly brutal crime on February 2, 1933: killing Madame Lancelin and her daughter. You may also like Sister My Sister (1994) Repressed passion, incest and violence form the backdrop to this arresting period drama set in a bourgeois household of 1930s France.

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